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Dental X-ray Film Processor

X-ray Film Processor
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Product Description

1. Introduction 
The AD-F108 Dental automatic X-ray film bath equipment is a total automatic and wall mounted type. The film is bathed automatically through three step: Developing, fixing and bathing. The time developing films needed can be selected in the designing range. During the bathing process, delivery mechanism adopts anti-flaming ABS engineering materials. It has easy cleanliness and maintenance, stable running, small volume, operators do not touch the developers and fixers directly, convenient and safe operation and so on characteristics. 

2. Main Technical parameters 

2.1Normal working conditions 
A). Surroundings temperature: 10º C~30º C; 
B). Relative humidity: ≤ 70%; 
C). Atmospheric pressure: 700hPa~1060hPa; 
D). Voltage of electrical source: 220V± 10V; 
E). Frequency of electrical source: 50Hz± 1Hz. 

2.2 Surroundings of transportation and reservation 
A). Surroundings temperature range: -40º C~+55º C; 
B). Relative humidity range: ≤ 93% 
C). Atmospheric pressure range: 500hPa~1060hPa. 

2.3 Performance 
(1). Processing time of film 
The time which develops films needed is 2min~8min, and can be accommodated continuously. The error is within± 10%. 
(2). Light leaking 
During the bathing process, light leaking is not permitted. 
(3)The stability of film delivery 
The delivery mechanism of film should not lacerate or lock films. 
(4)The timing panel of transit film 
The timing panel of transit film adopts the number 1~12 represents month, each scale represents 10 days. 

2.4The product structure 
It is composed of Main body  , Light-tight box, Delivery mechanism of film, Liquid cup and Screen and so on. 

2.5Input power: 4VA. 

2.6Safety requirement 

It accords with electric equipment safety regulation of the B type in II species in the national standards GB9706.1.