X-ray film processing box

Dental X-ray film processing box with digital

X-ray film processing box
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Power supply: 3pcs 7 # batteries
Weight : 2.75Kg
Dimensions : 421*265*272mm
Material : plastic
Accessories : medicine cup 4 , the film clip 4


Intelligent operation mode , the microcomputer precision control of the developer , stop the film , fixing and rinsing process .
The use of advanced injection molding process , has excellent corrosion resistance and high strength , light weight, easy to move .
Than the traditional darkroom washing way , smaller footprint , lower operating costs .


Film exposure or development time is too long , will make the film image density is too high , the movie had black ; time is too small film image density is low , the film is lighter .
The film placed in the medicine cup should be uniform agitation to ensure that the washing effect .
Medicine use of a certain number and duration of the lid should be covered with syrup cup after each use , depending on the manufacturer''''s instructions .
If you accidentally syrup splashed into the eyes immediately with plenty of water .