Wireless Intraoral Camera

2.0 mega pixels wireless intraoral camera USB/VGA/AV/(Video) signal output

Wireless Intraoral Camera
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AD-G104 2.0 mega pixels wireless intraoral camera USB/VGA/AV/(Video) signal output 
Product Description 

This Wireless IntraOral Camera provides you with four outputs signal: UBS/VGA/VIDEO(RCA). The camera can be recharged due its build-in lithium battery. The distance of the video transmition can be up to 10 meters(33 ft). The docking box receiver can be connected to any computer, TV, Monitor or Capture Video Device. You can take excellent pictures from IntraOral cavity thanks to its Autofocus and Auto Iris lens. The camera can divide the screen into 4 (Quad mode) and totally can store into its inside memory up to 112 pictures in quad mode or 28 images in full screen. The stored images can be showed and handled using the camera control buttons, the docking box controls or the remote control. The camera can ve connected directly to any T. V., computer via USB or VGA monitor 

Image sensor: 1/4 Sony CCD 
Image resolution: 2.0 Mega Pixels 
Output: VGA/Video(RCA)/USB in Docking Box 
Lamp: 6 cps white LED(5600K) 
Accumulation point: 3mm - 50mm 
Visual angle: 105° 
Storage: 28 pic Full Image Mode or 112 pic Quad Mode 
Signal format: NTSC or PAL 
Frequency: 5.8 GHz 
Wireless Distance: Over 10m. 
Power Supply: 1600mA Lithium Battery