Laboratory autoclave,Hospital autoclave

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Laboratory autoclave,Hospital autoclave
Laboratory autoclave,Hospital autoclave
Vapor generation and boiler heating are separated


To separate the vapor generation and boiler heating, we adopt steam generator to produce steam, which can


humanly control the speed and quantity of steam, thus saving water.


In addition, service life is greatly increased with heating circle, owning to temperature-down of the boiler.


Multipoint control of Vapor generation


With multipoint control, over-pressure is reduced to a great extent, sterilization state becomes much stable,


and the time needed to enter sterilization is greatly reduced.


Fuzzy control of the boiler heating and preservation


Adopting the technology of fuzzy control, it is much precise, and the temperature positive and negative


deviation can be controlled within 0.5


Automatical record of the time of sterilization beginning &end


The new-type control system will record the time of beginning &end of sterilization automatically


Automatical & manual adjust of the parameters of temperature sensor.


The adjust of parameters is automatical, and manual adjust is also available on your will.


Adjustable date&time mode


The date & time mode can be adjusted on your will, ranging of 100 years.



Colored-screen display, Multilanguage are optional.


Big-open type design, convenience for storage& fetch


Broad ventilation window design, convenience& fast of heat radiation