Orthodontic self ligating Brackets

Orthodontic self ligating Brackets

Orthodontic self ligating Brackets
Orthodontic self ligating Brackets,China Orthodontic self ligating Brackets,Orthodontic self ligating Brackets Manufacturers


orthodontic self ligating bracket,Self-Ligating Bracket , Roth , MBT,
0.018 and 0.022 ,With hook on 3 and with on 3.4.5

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Self-Ligating Bracket.


High quality fine Stainless Steel


20pcs per kit



1. Smooth surface improve patients comfort significantly

2.Torque designed on the bracket base for easy treatment.

3.Color-coding for easy reference of tooth location

B: Locking slot function

1. meet with elastic locking sheet of slot

2. special material to ensure the reliable of self-ligating system

C:Double wings construction

1. Four square wings designing provide the necessary condition of initiative ligation.

2. The permanent mark to make sure the identify of premolar

D: Elastic locking piece function

1. Made from special material,it can be opened and locked for more than 200 time.

2. The structural design of patent protection for easy using in clinical

E: Perfectly mesh base design by CAD technique makes the maximum patient comfort and denist convenience.

1. An elegantly simple locking mechanism, open or close is securely, easy and quick. Simple locking mech anism, do not use special tool to open or close the lock
2. Easy wire changes, low friction & force, and faster treatment time. The lock not by spring sheel only a wire, it is the lowest friction compare with all kinds self-ligating bracket
3. Permit high friction when desired When you need high friction, only one step, cut down the wire, it is a normally bracket your used
4. Permit attachment used When you need attachment, the lock can help you
5. No painful, not to be hurt the tooth Open or close, the force is on the bracket. It will not to hurt the tooth

F: 3D surface base

1 .80 welded mesh base provide reliable,lasting and effective bonding strength,there is no color kept in the surface after removing brackets

2. Simulation curved base designing match with surface of tooth.

With following specifcation for choice:


0.018 and 0.022 for both Roth and MBT system.

With hook on 3 and with hooks on 3.4.5 .


We can design and manufacture as per clients'' requirement