Teeth Whitening kit

Professional Teeth Whitening kit

Teeth Whitening kit
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DR. WHITEN kit is developed by ONUAGE ORAL CARE,USA
its professional whitening material. Dr. Whiten kit is suitable for all
tooth whitening accelerators in the market now.

DR.WHITEN teeth whitening kit ensures patient safety comfort
on the basis of nano photocatalyst for faster whitening results Featured
with excellent hydrophilicity adhesive and permeability the
whitening gel can rapidly oxidize the teeth through the dentin tubes
restoring them to a beautiful white in 30 minutes .

DR.WHITEN is very effective for teeth that have been sta
smoking or by consuming substances also by certain medicines
such as tetracycline or speckled by fluoride as well as hereditary
yellow teeth, making you enjoy a white and shiny smile for more
than 2 to 5 years. Our professional teeth bleaching system is
between 5 to 14 levels of shade improvement on the VITA shade
guide, with an average improvement of 8 shades. The main ingredient
is hydrogen peroxide, which does no harm to the tooth structure.
Just 30 minutes for your brightest healthiest looking smile.

1. Use tooth brushes to clean the surface of the teeth, dry,before putting bleaching gel onto them.
2. Place the check retractors and support the lips by rolls in the vestibules.
3. Apply the gingival barrier material onto the gum be sure all exposed root surfaces and dentin Cure the
whitening accelerator for 30 seconds.
4. Mix the whitening powder and the peroxide into gel.
5. Apply the mixed whitening gel onto the surfaces of the brushes The thickness of the gel should be
the teeth whitening accelerator to cure for 10 minutes.
6. Clean the gel from the teeth by rinsing and suction. Repeat step4 to step6 for the 2nd and 3td applications
7. Such away the gingival barrier by gently lifting at one explorer and peel. Rinse again and carefully and treat discolored areas with an vitamin E.

1) Keep away from colored drinks and food (such as smotea coffee wine etc ) for 2 or 3 days after
2) Avoid cold drinks or hot drinks for the first 24 hours if tooth sensitivity.
3) It is suggested that every period of treatment be divided periods for its best performance. (30 minutes per
4) If the patient feel ache or has comfortlessness caused treatment or the medicine, the ache will disappe

3 jars of whitening powder
3 jars of whitening liquid
1 syringe of gingival protection
2 applicator