LED curing light with teeth whitening

LED curing light with teeth whitening

LED curing light with teeth whitening
LED curing light with teeth whitening,China LED curing light with teeth whitening,LED curing light with teeth whitening Manufacturers

Dental LED curing light ML-VI:
1. 5W LED
2. Three modes
3. Light intensity 2200mw/cm2
4. CE approved

Dental curing light/dental LED curing light has three curing models,

light intensity, cord/cordless ( 2200 mw/cm2, 5 watt LED )
Light intensity ,2200 mw/cm, 5 watt LED 
Alert:The battery’ s voltage is down and needs recharge
Operation  Note

Cord/cordless inchangeable when running out of the battery, the unit can be operated directly with the switching power adapter.
Three Preset
Mode 1: full mode-output with entire power in the whole the process

Mode 2: ramp-up mode-output rise gradually from 30% to 100% in the one third treatment, and then lasts in full power in the other two third treatment.

Mode 3: pulse mode. Output with zero-power and entire power by turns every half seconds
  Technical   Working voltage: 100-240V, AC, 50-60HZ


If the product is not working over 30s, it can automatically turn into the inactive state to
save battery.
Whiten function The machine should be use to curing and whitening. Whiten function: press the mode 3S to

enter the whitening mode, then it will be flicker, at the same time, the LCD screen show with minute, the

time key can move the time up and down, you can chose the time from 0min to 30min by yourself, if press the

time-key for a long time, the light intensity will be increase by degrees or descending with 20%.

Warranty   Fully guaranteed for one year