3m Z350 Light Cure Composite

3M ESPE Filtek Z350 Universal Restorative Syringe Refills

3m Z350 Light Cure Composite
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3M™ ESPE™ Filtek™ Z350 Universal Restorative Syringe Refills 

3M ESPE''''''''s unique nanotechnology -- now in a simple 8-shade system: 
When esthetics and strength are of equal concern, Filtek™ Z350 Universal Restorative offers the simple solution. It features 3M ESPE''''''''s unique, leading nanotechnology which delivers both the strength of a hybrid and the beautiful, lasting Polish of a microfill in one dependable product. 

Excellent esthetics for lifelike restorations: 
This easy-to-use 8-shade system lets you restore teeth to a beautiful, natural appearance no matter what technique you use. With Filtek Z350 Universal Restorative''''''''s lifelike shades and excellent "chameleon effect, " you''''''''ll find single-shade restorations blend beautifully with natural tooth structure. 

If you utilize multi-shade techniques and require a more extensive shade selection, you''''''''ll find the 8 shades of Filtek Z350 Universal Restorative blend perfectly with the wide range of shades available with Filtek™ Supreme XT Universal Restorative. 

A difference you can see! 
3M ESPE is the leader in nanotechnology because of our unique approach. These images illustrate the differences between Filtek Z350 Universal Restorative and leading hybrid composites. All images are shown at a magnification of 25, 000k. 

Compare the nanoclusters of Filtek Z350 restorative to the approach taken by other manufacturers, who choose to include traditional hybrid filler particles with either nanoparticles or fumed silica. The difference you see is what allows Filtek Z350 Universal Restorative to retain a high percentage of its initial Polish. 

It offers all of the attributes important in a universal composite. 

You''''''''ll love using Filtek Z350 Universal Restorative for a variety of reasons. 3M ESPE''''''''s unique nanotechnology answers all of your concerns for the way a restorative handles, looks and lasts. 

- It handles easily. You can move it where you want it, and it stays in place. That makes it easier for you to restore a tooth to its natural shape and function. 

- You''''''''ll love the way it polishes. Creates a brilliant, durable Polish comparable to the best microfills. 

- It surpasses expectations for strength and wear. 3M ESPE''''''''s nanoclusters break apart during the wear process to retain the optical effect of the loss of a nanometer-sized particle rather than the loss of a micron-sized particle (e. G. Hybrid composite).