Suction unit

Suction unit

Suction unit
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Type:             ENROLL-01

Connect:          1 pc Dental Unit
Work at one time: 1 pc
Voltage:          AC220V/50Hz
Power:            370W
Suction flow:     300L/min
Maximum:          -10KPa
Noise:            62DB
Net Weight:       32kg
Product size:     300×300×550 mm
Packing size:     560×490×645 mm

1. Powerful source
Runyes suction system adopt high pressure blower, which can generate large flow, low pressure working principle of negative pressure suction work; what’s more, it has compact structure, smaller size and less noise.

2. Small space, high tech
Separator and vacuum generator share one drive, to ensure that the minimum space within economical and reliability

3. Prevention of infection
It adopts two class separation systems. Durable processor provides a clear advantage of processing of large amounts of blood foam, which can save a lot of water resources.

4. Pressure under the control of the extraordinary power
Wild blue suction system can continuously provide accessible, health and perfect treatment required vacuum degree.

5. Reliable technology.
High quality, durable motor, several seconds then reaches a height of suction force, to ensure that each suction cannula at the suction capacity of300 liters per minute, and continuous stability.

6. Flexibility
Whether the new decorating clinic or modern transformation, we can provide the most perfect solution.

1. Power supply must have a reliable grounding wire
2. Cut off the power before cleaning and maintain
3. Cut off the general power after work
4. Please don''''t put in the plug or take off the plug with wet hands. Don’t use the machine close to water.
5. Please place the machine on a stable, clean and plane ground, or it may cause accident.
6. Please place the machine in a safe place, in case of someone trapped by the wire.
7. Please place the machine in clean, dry, airy and cool environment.
8. It is forbidden to connect voltage to signal wire
9. It is forbidden to use this machine to suction solid particles and sundries.
10. It is forbidden to place the outlet below the water out channel position.(The outlet should be higher than the water our channel 5cm)

The warranty for this product is one-year from the day you purchase this product. During this period, any problem under normal usage circumstance and obey the operation manual,our company will be responsible for giving free maintain.
1. Provide free customer guidance by experts
2. Provide free parts during warranty
3. Provide free solutions and technical support during warranty
4. Promise 24 hours Q&A system, and provide solution within 3 days