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Burnout Furnace

Burnout Furnace
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Burnout Furnace

SX2 series , 1000 ℃ box resistance furnace cycle operating furnace, for industrial and mining enterprises , research institutions, laboratories for chemical analysis , physical determination of the heat treatment and small size steel heating purposes .

The series resistance furnace with KSW temperature controller and thermocouple measurement, indication and automatic control of furnace temperature .


Structure introduction

This series of resistance furnace shell with the thin steel plate after ruffled welding is made. Inside lining for high aluminum refractory material made of rectangular quantity body lining, the iron chromium aluminum wire made around the spiral heating element wear in lining up, down, left, right of the silk slot. In order to speed up the rate of temperature effectively furnace, increase the temperature control precision, louver lining structure, the electric oven brick, furnace door choose brick with light refractory materials, inside the furnace and furnace between shell with refractory fiber, expanded perlite heat preservation material laying, for heat preservation.

Electric furnace door through the multilevel set the long arm fixed in the chain electric furnace panel, furnace door flexible rotation, closed the pressure laid a hand on him, withhold door hook, door can close to and the stove, open, just a little handle up, decoupling, will put the on left side door can.

Bottom of the oven with and door interlock trip switch, when the door opens, then automatically cut off the electric power supply, so as to ensure the safety of operation.

Temperature measurement thermocouples used through the opening in the furnace of after thermocouple hole inserted and fixed.


Installation and use

This system resistance furnace don''''t need special installation, indoor smooth or the workbench (frame) all can put, but the form a complete set temperature controller should avoid affected by, since placed in electric furnace and shoulds not be too close, prevent overheating and influence of control part of the normal work.

Will the thermocouple from thermocouples fixed a hole of insert chamber, the hole and thermocouple with asbestos filling the gap between the rope, then tighten bolts fixed, electric dipole in furnace leaks out in 10-15 centimeters advisable.

Uncover temperature controller cover shell, by "electric furnace temperature controller with electrical connection wiring diagram of the temperature controller and the BiaoYong wire connection board power, electric furnace, thermocouples, furnace door safety switch. Connect the power supply, phase line and not at the center line, otherwise, it will affect the normal work of the temperature controller, and electrical shock, the power of the former stage, additional switch was laid, in order to control the total power supply. Thermocouple temperature controller to connect the leads of the compensation conductor application, to eliminate the cold end temperature changes caused by the influence, the connection at the anode and not, to ensure safety operation, electric furnace temperature controller shell are to be reliable grounding.

Check all wiring and normal, AD hoc set knob moves to a required temperature, can electrify heats up, the steps that refer to the instruction for use with temperature controller.


Maintenance and matters needing attention

When the first time use electric or long term after discontinuation again when use, must be oven drying, melting pot temperature and time: room temperature-200 ℃ 4 hours, 200 ℃--600 ℃ 4 hours, open the door.

When using electric furnace, the furnace temperature not over rated temperature, lest damage heating element, and prohibited from directly to the chamber of the liquid and dissolve with metal, often remove the optimum scrap in the furnace, the oxide, in order to maintain the cleanness of in the furnace.

Regular inspection electric furnace temperature controller conductive each connecting parts of the system are in good contact.

This series of resistance is applicable to the following working conditions:

The elevation not more than 1000 meters.

Environmental temperature in + 5 ℃-40 range.

Use area most wet month average maximum relative temperature is not more than 90%, and the average monthly minimum temperature of the month is not higher than 25 ℃.

Around the stove without conductive dust, explosive gas and can seriously damage the metal and insulation corrosive gas.

No obvious vibration and turbulence.

In the user keep custody, use, installation, transportation stated condition, from our factory delivery date on each month for six products manufacturing quality and bad happened damage or can not work normally, our factory is responsible for free for users to repair or replace products or components.