High Speed Grinder

High Speed Grinder

High Speed Grinder
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Second, the main specifications and technical parameters:
Power: 220V 50Hz
Power: 250W
Speed ​​: 17500r/pm
Machine size : 300mm × 360mm × 280mm
Machine Weight : 15kg


Three, the machine''''s main advantages:

1, used the unique world only four disc spring antilock brake technology, and to make four disc spring not in the retraction occurs when the jammed phenomenon, therefore, the head is in use process, not because on state not inserting the card needle and lock, which can be kept in the state of free replacement tool, but not for a moment of carelessness and make the machine was damaged, therefore, provides operators great convenience, and obviously extend the service life of the nose;

2, with dust cover and protect the covers of protection device to ease the product to set of cover (bullet) and four disc spring of wear, make its use life by one times. Dust cover and protective cover not be following bullet spin, so, personnel in the operation will not touch for wrong high-speed operation of machine and wounded, and offered a operation body anchor, slow fatigue, safe and reliable;

3, the head clutch high strength wear-resisting nonmetal materials, power transmission efficiency is much better than the metal mat, greatly extend the service life of the machine;

Four, four disc spring internal gripping the depth of the instruments can be adjustable, therefore, in four disc spring suffer must wear and clamping force reduced circumstances, can through the high speed in four disc of the reed depth to regain the good clamping force, so as to ensure the processing precision degree, further extended the four disc spring using life.

5, with the international similar products compare, this product in addition to a longer service life and more security, but also has the obvious advantage of prices.

6, motor stable quality, continuous work in two hours and conditions, shell temperature is not higher than 65 ℃.