Teeth Whitening Unit

Teeth Whitening Unit table type

Teeth Whitening Unit
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The up-to-date cool light Desktop Teeth Whitening Accelerator can convert electric energy into strong blue light. The cool blue light activates the whitening gel and oxidizes the pigment of the teeth through dentin tubes in the shortest time, discoloring the teeth to sparkling white both externally and internally. The 30-minute process ensures an improvement of five to fourteen shades. 

* Goose pipe design, adjust angle at random, convenient for use. 
* Combination of high power BLUE LED. 
* Tunable bleaching time with microprocessor-controlled timer presets. 
* Digital indicator with audio feedback. 
* Smart auto-select power: 100 to 240 Volts AC. 50/60 Hz for global use. 
* High Speed Multi-Arch Teeth Whitening System. 
* Small base size design, suitable use in dental clinic 
* High Uniformity of Light Output 
* High sensitive infrared remote control setting function. 
* Enclosed disposible sheath, prevent cross- infection, clean and convenient, let patient feel relieved. 
* 5 minute counting with memory, the longest whitening time is 30 minute 

Teeth whitening system Specifications: 

Broad Spectrum: 430nm ~ 520nm(Host lamps) Light Output power: Up to 2000 mW/cm 
100/240 Volt, 50/60 Hz 
Gross weight: 4 Kg 
Max. Working Radius: 38 cm 

- Quiet fan operation 
- Multi-arch whitening application 
- Seven high intensity LED lamp 
- Digital display with audio feedback 
- High power blue lamp