First told about purchase ''s, members to as purchase with a brand with a model of phone using, due to different brand different model brand of phone using of pressure is different of, we in replaced phone Shi frequently mobilization pressure knob on machine also bad and takes, replaced phone Hou does not adjustable words pressure had General Assembly speed up phone bearing damage, pressure low will Polish unable to, so recommendations as purchase with brand with model phone, now phone price from dozens of Yuan to hundreds of Yuan even thousands of, that has what difference does, First from fuselage of materials Shang is different of, and also details has, such as good is of phone wind round is thin and after professional of train dynamic balance, so with up vibration small, bearing not damage, also has in before and after with axis Shang of technology also does not as of, with up accuracy will high some not shook, so also is recommendations purchase good is of phone, province gas noise small vibration small precision high.
        Following told Xia correctly using, first stressed Xia gland of phone daily is in no using of situation Xia also to pressure Xia gland handling car needle once, or, you wanted to pressure of when on pressure does not dynamic or pressure Xia up does not to has, axis core damage is your of, using Shang does recommendations members to one patients treatment Shi to will treatment on two to phone are good morning, using first, phone probably 2 minutes around is replaced second, phone so alternating using, I told Xia causes, machinery continuous running will produced machinery fatigue, Wear is continued to use it several times during normal use, so two alternate recovery time using our mobile phones have breathing space, and also the General to avoid knocking.
        Then on told Xia maintenance has, using finished of phone to timely oil, we of oil up to cleaning lubrication role, not mean, using finished on Shang, is not to days for units, daily a times, oil Hou phone to upside down put in with had of one-time Cup, container within, oil of bad also effect phone of life, purchase oil Shi as not purchase cheap of oil, as purchase brand of oil, also has is ultrasonic cleaning, can regularly cleaning, but cleaning Shi to to axis core remove only cleaning fuselage, Because the axis core of bearings with a cage, ultrasonic easily damaged cages.
        Following told about simple maintenance, first damage of phone unloading open Hou not immediately replaced bearing, this is serious errors of, first to took tweezers and dry cotton balls to inside of oil, dirty things as wipe clean, and took ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning fuselage, because dirty things does not cleanup in new bearing running Shi will doping in on seems we of eyes into Sha as, easy caused new bearing damage, so to first doing clean, and to with probe top about--note is top not tied, top about machine shell within bearing location has two a rubber ring, See also have elastic, sometimes frequently replaced bearing is because this two rubber ring aging lost shock role caused of, if top with no elastic has to replaced rubber ring, following only to research bearing of problem, first to observation downwind round has no deformation, some due to shell knocking or caused wind round deformation or leaves is wear, so of axis core without distressed can will to replaced, because has lost has dynamic balance, loaded Shang new bearing will produced partial effort caused bearing early damage, if axis core nothing that on see Xia bearing, With hand turns feel Xia, certainly has a star will good is, to it remove retained and also a to phone retained of this a star spell up formed pair, maximum efficiency of using they, because bearing also is your did, another a star throw, but must note replaced Shi must two star together replaced, two star or is new of or is retained of that two star good is of, on has added Xia to bearing remove rear axle core also can with cleaning machine cleaning, to for on for pair, absolute avoid a good a bad, Each tablets leaves oil also to as wipe clean keep good dynamic balance, because does not bad is intuitive feel, actually in micro-Xia due to another a grain bearing of damage this a grain of shook degree will increased, so for Shang another a grain good of zhihou this a grain instead will increased also a grain of shook degree, so replaced Shi must is for pair, again another a grain we retained and other pieced together and no waste, for good bearing Hou on can loaded to machine shell within oil try machine has, loaded of when note apart Shi some has spring pad class not forgotten lost has.
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