Effect on performance of high-speed dental handpieces subjected to different cleaning methods¡¡ZHANG Lei, XIAO Li, LI Zhengª²ming¡¡(Department of Stomatology, the Sixth People''''s Hospital of Shenzhen Municipality Shenzhen 518052, China )

     £ÛABSTRACT£Ý Objective: To investigate the effect on performance of highª²speed dental handpieces subjected to different cleaning methods. Methods: Forty new dental highª²speed handpieces were divided into trial group and control group randomly. Handpieces in trial group were cleaned with autoª²heating cleaning unite while control group were cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning system, all samples were subjected to lubrication, package and autoclaving, then were distributed to 5 senior dentists for clinical use. Performance of highª²speed dental handpieces was tested 6 months later. Results: Cleanness of bearings and holding strength and antiª²corrosion of handpieces in trial group were better than that in control group. Conclusion: Autoª²heating cleaning method can clean the tiny parts of highª²speed dental handpieces effectively and maintain its performance.
¡¡£ÛKEY WORDS£Ý Dental instruments; Disinfection; Asepsis

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