Normal in the human body , the oral microbial species , one of the highest density parts of the number of microorganisms in the saliva of up to 4.3 - 107ml to 5.5 - 108ml , range up to more than 300 species , including various bacteria , fungi, viruses and protozoa.

      Doctor or the patient is infected or pathogen carriers of certain diseases abroad, has reported that many patients with hepatitis B infection and the dentist . HBsAg-positive dentist incidence of patients initially infected 1/400-1/40 . HBeAg-positive dentist spread of higher risk . Scully has been reported that the dentist did not wear gloves, three years, manipulation of 55 patients infected with hepatitis . The dentist himself infected with hepatitis B risk 3-5 times higher than average . Tuberculosis, hepatitis , etc. can cause cross-infection between doctors and patients . The United States , Florida dentist with AIDS due to a cause , 6 reported that patients infected with HIV .
      High speed air turbine head when stopped, due to the negative pressure inside, draw up various pollutants to the patients head, nose when disinfection is not completely or replaced, often makes a patient''''s oral pollutant emissions for the next patient. Drill through the nose and teeth causing a variety of cross-infection, according to a survey in a hospital of Shandong, dental treatment in patients with HBsAg-positive rate was 19.2%. Investigation of a dental specialist hospital in Zhejiang head and needle use after 1, bacterial count significantly higher than normal. Rate of HBsAg pollution mobile head for 5%, needle 12.5%, on the treatment of micro-devices pass rate is only 47%. Dental instrument sterilization is not completely is easy to result in diagnosis and treatment of iatrogenic transmission.

      Such as hepatitis b, hepatitis c and other infectious patients or carriers of blood and saliva mixed with blood. Abroad have reported after treatment, dental syringe handle 40% by blood contamination, light handle for 18%, console for 16% hand, surrounding 22%, mixer for 20%. After it has been cleaned and syringe contamination is still 10%, mixer for 4%, console for 2% hand. Foreign experiments confirmed zhifeng teeth can be caused by contaminated by bacteria, viruses, medical, dentists and assistants, and other exposure to pollution, thereby causing nosocomial infections.

      Dental treatment of patients with head high speed rotational pollutant formation of aerosol pollution in room air, according to the national survey of a Dental Hospital, dental clinic of air pass rate is only 61.4%. But due to the high speed of rotation of the Dental drill droplets often transmitted between doctor and patient. Oral surgeon''''s hands because of direct contact with blood, saliva and secretions easily are pollution, such as not washing hands, do not replace the glove, would cause cross-infection.

      Therefore, to prevent future infections from the following aspects:

      1, vaccination. United States CDC requirements in contact with blood or blood-contaminated material in the work of staff, including dental health care workers should be vaccinated with hepatitis b vaccine. May also be influenza, stream, Gill, rubella, tetanus vaccine.

      2, enhancing protection and barrier technology. Doctors should be wearing LaTeX or vinyl gloves, wash hands prior to diagnosis and treatment of each patient and to wear new gloves, consultation should be off and discard gloves after washing hands carefully after. Prohibit the use of gloves after handling reuse. Doctors should be required to wear to the Chin of a plastic mask, surgical mask, and goggles. When you contact with suspected communicable diseases should wear isolation suits, or shield.

      3, hand washing should be strict requirements and stressed. Gloves must carefully before washing hands using flowing water, SOAP, gloves are to be fingered when due to oral action and, if necessary, to carry out disinfection of the hands.

      4, the use of disposable oral examination equipment, such as: a dental instrument boxes, disposable dental handpieces, harmless treatment after a non-disposable equipment should not allow repeated use. Non-disposable cell phone, fork, Dental drill should be carried out in strict accordance with the disinfection process, such as sterilization.

      5, clinic of preventive disinfection should be carried out daily and terminally sterilized to prevent Iatrogenic transmission caused by environmental factors. To both doctor and patient should be used before and after the treatment of New Zealand gave Kang oral care solution, reducing cross infection!

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