1. Head

(1) is a fixed head Shell Shell of turbine rotors, front center has a through-hole, clamping shaft out, through-hole holes next to a water mist. Is fiber-optic phone, there is a fiber optic light holes. Head shell side connected to the phone handle, after mobile phone shell back-end fixed head cover.
(2) core components of turbine rotor is die, it consists of bearing, impeller and the clamp shaft combination. Before and after a miniature of the impeller bearings fastening clip on the shaft, turbine rotor through the card on the bearing outer ring with two rubber o-rings, fixed head shell.
     Miniature bearings in the head diameter is basically the same, its thickness and diameter for different handpiece of different brands and models. General aluminum manufacturing the impeller, dentate, but how many and shapes for impeller blade handpiece come in all different.
     Die clamping shafts are hollow cylindrical, cylindrical bearings and Tight fit of the impeller, bore by reason of holding needle, different. Can be divided into spring, tapered springs and double-arc line, double arc type clamping mechanism can make in the process due to the high speed needle clamp more stable, high power output.
     Push type clips axle hole, also fitted with taper clamping spring, clamping shaft rear ends also fitted with actuators spring, clamp tightened under the action of the spring actuator spring clamp needle. When the hand on the back cover, relaxed when the actuator spring clip spring under the pressure.
(3) the back cover of the phone head capsule back-end , internal O-ring support bearing .

Push the back cover for the two-tier structure , mid- gland spring spring , usually in a relaxed state after you press the nose back cover , back cover oppression folder -axis actuator , relax clip spring to loading and unloading of vehicles needle ; easy to use, is gradually replace the key to tighten the handpiece .
2. The handle

Handle the hand-held parts of the handpiece ,handpiece impeller drive inside the trachea and mist tube is a hollow tube , fiber optic phone is also equipped with fiber optics, light bulbs , lamp holders and wiring part of the handpiece is also equipped with a return pipe , filter , anti-suction devices and air regulating device .
3. The handpiece connector

The handpiece connector is dental handpiece and air hose connectors, the active force to promote the handpiece impeller rotating airflow and produce the air flow of atomized water , currents , respectively, through the pipe into the main pores of the handpiece connector , leading to the support pores , the water hole handpiece head.
¢Å Handpiece connector has two structures : spiral - tighten the nut connection . Fast -loading - inserted locking connection
Commonly used in handpiece connection has two holes ( large holes for air intake , the holes mist Kong ), and 4 holes ( hole back to the pores , the second largest hole for air intake , two small holes , respectively, for the mist into the pores and both inlets ) . The handpiece connector for fiber-optic handpiece , in addition to the above air , water holes , an increase of two metal pins for the power to the fiber optic light bulb .
( 2 ) works : the rotation principle of the handpiece with a windmill similar to the use of compressed air on the vanes to exert thrust, its high-speed rotation . The high-pressure flow of air along the main inlet pipe into the inlet , the high-speed air flow will produce thrust vanes , the impeller drive folder -axis high-speed rotating . Continuous and stable flow impeller kept uniform rotation , the acting after I air from the exhaust pipe to handpiece. Bur in a folder axis folder axis fixed on the impeller shaft core , the rotation of the impeller driven bur synchronous rotation
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