1. Dental Unit

Mainly for oral surgery and oral examination and treatment of the disease. Currently more used electric type dental chair, its main structure min 8 a part (Figure 1), machine nationality floor fixed Yu ground, and by bracket will floor and dental chair of upper joins, dental chair of action by control Yu chair back Shang of control switch, its work principle is: control switch started motor running and led drive institutions work, makes dental chair corresponding parts produced mobile. According to the need for treatment, operation control switch button, dental chairs complete the up, down, down, inverted body position and reset actions. Dental chair''s main components are: 1. bottom 2. bracket 3. seat 4. Chair 5. handrail 6. head rest 7. hold button 8. controlled switching

2. Turbine

Or-separate active equipment in combined treatment, for super high speed machine, under the pressure of compressed air work, dental drilling speed can be up to (3-5) x10r/min. Air to air compressors, control box (including air filters, oil mist, water irrigation, and so on) and foot switch components. Air compressor pressure under normal circumstances can rise to above 0.4MPa, the gas volume of not less than 32L/min, are transmitted to the mobile air pressure of about 0.2-0.25MPa. Outgoing air compressor, air filters, two road; the oil mist, after the lubricant spray, spray with compressed air to mobile turbine so that it turns, the other to tank all the way, so that phone on the blowhole to the Dental drill, to cooling water. Air pressure and water pressure are adjustable.
3. Dental Handpieces
Dental Handpieces have lots of types, and according to speed and structure can be divided into high speed handpieces and low-speed handpiece, high speed handpiece using high pressure air driven head micro turbine turbine speed within reach (3-5) x10r/min, needle cutting line speed of up to 15m/s, but low-speed handpiece because it is the gears rotate, speed only at thousands of revolutions. Low-speed handpiece can usually be determined by speed regulating structure regulation speed.
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